• LaserWorks 거리 측정기 모듈
  • LaserWorks 거리 측정기 모듈
  • LaserWorks 거리 측정기 모듈

LaserWorks 거리 측정기 모듈

LaserWorks 거리 측정기 모듈 M36 is in a very compact dimension (42.5*31*20.5mm), 25 grams. Range to 2km, 1.7km to trees. Very suitable for integration into Various photoelectric equipment platforms, such as night vision device, UAV pod, etc.
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LaserWorks 거리 측정기 모듈 which can realize non-contact and uninterrupted distance measurement. has the advantages of stable measurement accuracy, small size, light weight, convenient installation and wide working temperature range .
rangefinder laser distance sensor With TTL Output a new generation ranging sensor with optimally-designed emitting & receiving optical lens, suitable for precise, long-distance measurements.
laser module with class1 outdoor 레이저 거리 측정기 We LaserWorks is laser module with class 1 manufacture, could ODM module for you according to your demand.

• Ultra compact and lightweight
• Pulsed time-of-flight measurement
• Low power consumption
• Ranging capability up to 2000 m
• Eye safe Class 1 Applications
• Observation and surveillance
• Border and port control
• Off shore rescue
• Drone & UAV gimbals
• Handheld devices
• Sights


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